CPE Products 4G Router Network Solutions


1. How CPE Products Work

The CPE router is a broadband wireless device that combines the functions of a modem, router and WLAN access point. The built-in modem provides access to the wireless cellular data network and the internal router shares this connection between multiple users and wireless devices. CPE wireless routers can meet the demand for stable, secure and simple internet access for user devices in offices, homes and other locations, and can also be used in the IoT communications industry to provide users with wireless long-range data monitoring, collection and transmission functions. Some CPE products also have a voice interface, providing VoLTE voice calling capabilities.

2. 4G CPE Product Solution Advantages

Signalinks' 4G CPE products are based on the mature and commercially available ZX297520V3 platform, with excellent performance in wireless network connectivity and WiFi speed, optional high-capacity lithium battery, and support for mainstream security encryption methods.

1) No installation, just plug in and enjoy the network

2) Proven and stable ZTE ZX297520V3 platform solution

3) LTE network speed: DL 300 Mbps/UL 50Mbps

4) Support 2*2 MIMO, WiFi rate up to 300 Mbps

5) Supports major frequency bands of global carrier networks, with customizable operating bands and global roaming support

6) Optional 4000mAh high-capacity lithium battery, no network loss when power is lost

7) Supports 16 user devices sharing network

8) Support VoLTE & CS domain voice function

9) Support TR069/ FOTA remote upgrade management

10) Support WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK and other mainstream 

11) security encryption methods, network data security is guaranteed


3. 4G CPE Application Scenarios

4G CPE products are widely used in home entertainment, small business office, campus study and other scenarios.