Study from 2021 Gigabit Optical Network Industry Development Seminar

On 17-18 May 2021, experts from government departments, telecom operators, ICT institutes and equipment vendors converged to hold the "Gigabit Optical Network Industry Development Seminar" during the World Telecommunication Day 2021 conference. Our company sent relevant technical staff to study this seminar.

Like 5G, gigabit optical networks are characterised by large bandwidth, ultra-low latency and advanced reliability, which complement each other to empower thousands of industries and promote high-quality development of the digital economy. According to He Jun, a researcher at the Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in practical application scenarios, gigabit optical networks are more oriented towards home users and parks, and have advantages in complex electromagnetic environments and other demand scenarios; 5G networks can achieve ubiquitous connectivity, fast and flexible and wide area coverage. The two complement each other's strengths and will not only bring users the experience of "fixed and mobile with the same speed and seamless communication", but will also work together to meet and generate differentiated application needs in different industries and scenarios.

In the future, Signalinks' technology development will certainly keep up with the market technology requirements and continue to improve.