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How To Set Up A Home Wifi Wireless Router Sim Card?

With technology taking new turns every day, setting up a home wifi wireless network is now easier. Wifi is a technology that offers wireless internet connectivity in public places, offices, and homes. It has even become essential because of the use of internet-connected devices in the banking, entertainment, work, and other sectors.

We all need an internet connection to complete online transactions, connect with family and friends, browse, and stream videos. If you have used Wifi in your workplace, you know that an Ethernet cable is needed to make the connection. However, this has changed since the invention of the wifi wireless router sim card slot that enables the connection of multiple devices at once.

A wireless router sim card is a convenient option even in areas with limited internet. You can travel with it wherever you go as it’s pocket-friendly. Signalinks offers the Cat4 MiFi that uses a sim card to offer wireless internet connectivity through the cellular network. In this article, you will learn how to set up your MiFi router.


How to set up a home wifi wireless router

Step 1: Insert your sim card

With the MiFi router, there is a sim card slot under the battery. Signalinks Mifi routers have micro-sim slots. So, just remove the battery (2100mAh/3000mAh) from the router and insert your sim and TF card; then put the battery in.

Step 2: Turn on the MiFi router

Signalinks Mifi routers are rechargeable via USB port or adapter, so ensure it’s fully charged before you turn it on.  Long press the power button until it turns on, it will display some information on the LCD.

home wifi wireless

home wifi wireless

Step 3: Start connection

The SSID and password of your router are printed on the lable ,you can search WiFi by its SSID,and then input password so as to get WiFi connection.   if you can not find them on label, you can obtain the SSID and password in the following way.

1) Obtain them via Web user interface( Web UI)

Log in Web UI, go to WLAN settings — Basic settings, then you will see the information of SSID and password.

2) Double click the WPS Button, you can see the SSID and KEY (password) show on the LCD screen of your router( if your router is the LED type, then it is not workable).


Step 4: how to manage your device settings?

If you want to change SSID,password,APN settings etc, you can go into the Web UI management interface which can help you manage the device efficiently.

home wifi wireless

Step 5: How to log in website user interface (Web UI)

You can type in the URL link on browser,like : ( refer to the actual URL printed on device lable ), then enter the default password”admin”, click Login

Step 6: Set the network settings

You can connect through the wireless network settings or network connection in automatic or manual modes. There is also an APN setting that automatically adapts to the sim card inserted.

So input the name of your network provider and password to make a connection. Then, save the settings and close the wizard.

You can now use the internet via your Signalinks home wifi wireless router. If it fails, you can contact Signalinks customer support for assistance or double check the manual.



Signalinks home wifi wireless router connects up to 10 wifi users at once. Through the USB port, you can easily charge your device and use it anywhere you want. In addition to the 4G routers, we also have the 5G router. For further information, contact us today!


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