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● Chipset: Unisoc KL9820E

● 150Mbps/DL, 50Mbps/UL

● Support global mainstream 4G/3G frequency bands

● Support radio

● 1×FE RJ45

● 1000mAh battery

● 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n 150Mbps

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Product Introduction


Experience the power of high-speed connectivity at home with our 4G fixed wireless phone. Say goodbye to slow internet and dropped calls. Our advanced technology delivers seamless connectivity, allowing you to make crystal-clear calls and enjoy uninterrupted internet browsing. No more messy wires or complicated installations – simply plug in and start talking. With our 4G fixed wireless phone, you can stay connected wherever you are in your home. Stay in touch with loved ones, work from home effortlessly, and enjoy endless entertainment with lightning-fast internet. Upgrade to the future of communication today.




Technical Parameter


1. Basic Function

Basic parameter
Working Frequency TDD:   38(√ )  40( √) 41(√ )

FDD:   1(√ )    3(√ )   5(√ )  7(√ ) 8(√ ) 20(√ )

WCDMA:  1(√  )  5(√   )  8(√   )

Chip SL8521E ,Cortex A53 Dual-core, Clock: up to 1.3GHz

Support DVFS

Handfree Support
Handset Support
Display Lattice screen :128×64
LCD Back Light Option Support
Outside interface
Adapter Support
The power switch Soft power button
Environment parameter: 
Working temperature -10ºC to 55ºC
Saving temperature -25ºC to 75C
Working humidity 0~90%
Saving humidity 5%~95%

2. High Frequency Parameter

Iterms Parameter
Frequency TD-LTE :B38//B40/B41

FDD-LTE :B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20



Power FDD: Power Class 3( 23±3dBm)

WCDMA : Power Class 3 (+24dBm +1/-3dBm)

GSM/GPRS 850MHz/900MHz: Power Class 5 (+33dBm ±2dBm)

GSM/GPRS 1800MHz/1900MHz: Power Class 0 (+30dBm ±2dBm)



GSM CS:UL 9.6kbps/DL 9.6kbps


WCDMA:UL 11.5Mbps/DL 42.2Mbps

FDD:UL 50Mbps/DL 150Mbps

Speech coding



Analog audio

CSFB and VoLTE(optional)

Rx Freq. Range B1:1920 MHz — 1980 MHz     2110 MHz — 2170 MHz

B2:1850 MHz — 1910 MHz     1930 MHz — 1990 MHz

B3:1710 MHz — 1785 MHz     1805 MHz — 1880 MHz

B5:824 MHz — 849 MHz       869 MHz — 894 MHz

B8:880 MHz — 915 MHz              925 MHz — 960 MHz

B20:832MHz — 862 MHz             791MHz — 821 MHz

B38:2570~2620MHz                      2570~2620MHz

B40:2300~2400 MHZ                     2300~2400 MHZ

B41:2555-2655 MHZ                      2555-2655 MHZ

Power Class GSM 850/900 –> power class 4

DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 –> power class 1

WCDMA –> power class 3

FDD-LTE    –> power class

3. Phone Function

Common functions


SIM (STK) Support
Call records Maxim 1000 Record
SMS Storage 1000 SMS + SMS in SIM
The alarm clock Support
Language Chinese、English(customized)
Backlight brightness adjustment


Handle  mode Support
Hand free mode Support
Volume adjustment Support
Talking time display Support
Missed call, received call, dialed


DTMF Dialing Support, short and continue DTMF
Quick Dialing Support
Network funtion
Network options Support, Manually choose/Automatically


Forwarding call Support.
Call waiting Support.
WIFI Hotspot Support (Wifi network)
FM Funtion Support
LAN Funtion Support (Wired netwok)
Number of characters per line and number of lines: 10*4
Key input display Support
Turning on logo display Support
Time display Support.
Mainly function:
Signal strength display


No service display Support
Power status display


Error warning prompt


New SMS alerts


Dial tone and bell
The bell


48k 16 bit mp3 tone
Busy tone Support
A dial tone


Phone ring


The bell adjust


Text messages receive ringer alerts


Keypad sound Support
Keypad volume adjustment Support


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