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5G CPE C501



● Sub-6 SA & NSA

● Platform: Unisoc IVY510

● WiFi6, AX1800

● Support global mainstream 5G/4G frequency bands

● Peak Througput: 5Gbps/DL, 650Mbps/UL

● 4×GE RJ45

● WiFi Users: 64

● WebUI cloud management

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Product introduction


Signalinks 5G CPE powered by the Unisoc IVY510 chipset. Experience lightning-fast speeds and seamless network performance with Sub-6 SA&NSA compatibility. Say goodbye to lag and buffering, as our device supports WIFI6 technology, ensuring stable and reliable wireless connections. With 4×GE RJ45 ports, you can effortlessly connect multiple devices simultaneously, enabling efficient and hassle-free networking. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the endless possibilities of 5G with our innovative 5G CPE. Upgrade your home or office network today and embrace the future of high-speed connectivity.



C501  C501




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